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The Partners

Community partners participating in the Digital iCreation course are:


  • The Alzheimer's Association of Central New York
  • Brady Faith Center
  • Cafe Plus
  • Northside Learning Center
  • Jail Ministry of Syracuse
  • Reformed Church of Syracuse
  • The Determination Center 
  • The Matilda Joslyn Gage Foundation
  • The 15th Ward Project


With long-term IT goals in mind, students and partnering organizations must plan a manageable project that can be completed in a semester's worth of time. Each semester the course is offered provides additional opportunities for the community organizations and future students to continue addressing information needs.


The project hopes to serve additional community organizations in the future and is seeking further funding to achieve that goal. To that end, the project will work with the Mary Ann Shaw Center for Public and Community Service in serving community organizations, and with the Common Ground Initiative of the iSchool to enable a multidisciplinary approach to information problem solving.